Weird Vibes Episode 9: ‘Weird Vibes Warehouse’

Weird Vibes Episode #9: “Weird Vibes Warehouse” (40-min. HD)

It’s Weird Vibes Warehouse and it’s time to get shopping! In this episode our host Lisa J. Brady, along with guests “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” and Peggy from the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, show us some of the hottest indie products not available on the merch tables. Stock up on Best New Music Commemorative Plate Sets, Grimes All-Purpose Cleaner, John Mauspads, Lana Del Raisin Bran, Bonny Bears, Authentic Set List Replicas, and lots more!

Plus, this episode includes wonderful new music videos by Liars, Here We Go Magic, THEESatisfaction, Kwes., and the Rapture.

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