So Japan Channels M.I.A. on “2 Tribe Crew”

So Japan

“I was working with M.I.A. so she influenced my decision with this track,” says producer Kyle Edwards of So Japan’s new “2 Tribe Crew” song that’s hooked around a sinuous vocal sample from Ms. Arulpragasam and appears on the upcoming Chanel Round My Neck mixtape. Having first concocted the track’s clattering drums, Edwards says, “I played a little bit of it for her in London when she got me out there but she never got a chance to record for the song directly.” Undeterred, he instead decided to dip into her vocals from the ViCKi LEEKZ mixtape (to which So Japan also contributed musical input) and toyed around with a sample of M.I.A.’s voice until he found a loop that fused with the beat. “The vocals are a very dynamic part of the song,” Edwards explains, before adding that he feels the vibe of the finished song’s production is “a kinda modern grungy feel but it’s still hard-hitting.” (And if you were wondering, the track’s title is meant more as a homage to golden-era rappers A Tribe Called Quest than the salacious 2 Live Crew.)

The rest of the Chanel Round My Neck mixtape follows the lead of “2 Tribe Crew,” with electro-tinged beats defining the listening experience. Edwards promises that it’s a canny indicator of So Japan’s future plans: “We want to make our imprint on the music world by working with major artists while also being part of the scene and shaking things up.”

Chanel Round My Neck is out now. Stream “2 Tribe Crew” below: